Advertisements: Good or bad

Advertisements: Good or bad

I look at many advertisements and have learned a lot about advertising. Something I noticed is the way people advertise. It says a lot or it says nothing.

I look at an advertisement on TV and afterwards I wonder what was advertised. I was so amused by the story and never saw any sign or name of what was advertised. Even a logo is important. I like our A1Y and the GDC logo. It says what it should and is colourful.

Photos can do a lot to an advert. The right photo can immediately tell us what it is all about or it can take you off the track. Photos can be knowledge or pure entertainment and do nothing for the cause.

When I see a photo of a car, the model on the car speaks so load I forget what car it is. When I show food on a photo it can either make me hungry or steal my appetite. The choice I make must be relevant to what I offer my clients. And good quality photos speak loader than hundred words. Ads is always subject to time and space. So to make the most of the money you spend make it worth it by selecting the relevant words or the best photo to represent your product at the most effective way.

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