Aton Cranes and Hoists

Lifting capacity of Clescrane overhead crane can reach 320 tons. Our standard serial products include single girder, double girder overhead crane and suspension crane. In addition, we can provide tailored solutions according to your special industry needs. The applications are from simple factory solutions to multiple plant crane systems to complex automatic system. As a partner of the industry, each of our cranes and each crane part reflect the professional knowledge and reliability of the cranes in decades.

Jib Cranes

Clescrane jib crane system is an effective and reliable work assistant. It can easily help you to complete all work tasks as your demand. We have a wide range of jib crane products. For different conditions of material handling solutions, CLESCRANE can try our best to solve for you. Our maximum lifting weight 10 tons is beyond other similar products of Europe and America brand. We provide safer and more reliable solutions for your production.

Gantry & Semi-Gantry Cranes

The lifting capacity of Clescrane gantry crane can be up to 320ton. It is applied for storage yard and warehouse without bracket on the column including semi-gantry crane and gantry crane. Based on the professional crane knowledge in decades and the latest technology, Clescrane will greatly improve your production safety and production efficiency.
Aton Cranes and Hoists
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