BLTI Balustrades, conveniently situated in the Western Cape, with several years of experience in the

stainless steel glass and aluminium industry, offers expert advice when it comes to choosing the right

balustrade and or hand railing for your property.

The most important things to consider, is the safety factor, aesthetics and the value this would add to

your largest investment.

With safety as a concern, building codes require the use of balustrades or railing systems.

When talking to your builder or re modeler, there's confusion about the industry terminology used to describe railings that offer both safety and decorative value.There are many confusing terms to describe the railing systems found on decks, porches, balconies and stairs. To understand these, let's start with the concept of a system. Railing systems have several components that work together to ensure safety and durability: Vertical support balusters, spindles or pickets are decorative and functional. Building codes determine how much space is allowed between vertical support pieces to prevent a small child from slipping through and falling. Newel posts are heavier, vertical posts placed at regular intervals along the railing system. While balusters attach directly to the flooring below, posts support the top and bottom rails where spindles do not rest on the floor/ground below. Handrails are the top part of a railings System, the part we place our hands on for support. They are horizontal and/or slanted along stairs.Balustrades or banisters refer to the enter railing system above the stair treads and/or patio flooring. This includes the the newel posts, balusters and top handrail Style of railing system that fits your house style and budget. This includes deciding if your balusters will connect to a bottom railing or the floor. Shape of individual parts from square spindles to elaborate, vase-like posts and railings. Materials from simple wood posts to elaborate wrought-iron or stone balusters, spindles.  
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