Be Your Own Bank

It's practically impossi-can't for people to thrive when they are simply striving to survive day to day ... week to week with the options which encouraged them to invest with regulated institutions and corporate entities as statutorily presented them.
To be candid, none of rthose regulated institutions and or corporate entities provide adequate ROI above the inflation rate. If you invest through these institutions you are simply saving, rather than #investing.
It is "an open secret" that 70-80% of the retireree population are financially poor and many of them have invested in regulated institutions and corporate entities their whole lives.
It’s equally “an unspoken secret” that many banks pocket something around 500% (if not more) on the money you deposit with them.
But the interesting FACT is that YOU give them an interest-free loan.
Chunk of Nigerians have less than $3,456 saved for retirement.
Be Your Own Bank
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