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About Beauty in a Box Make Up & Keshnee Reddy

This is the story of my life, where my job became my dream.  My Name is Keshnee Reddy, I am a Beauty Therapist and Bridal Make-up artist. Makeup and Beauty has always been my passion, my breakthrough was in 2005 where I was offered a job as a makeup artist for Benefit Cosmetics in London. I worked with a group of girls creating funky, elegant and glamorous looks for our clients. I did this for 2 years until it was time to come back home.I create brides with a difference!

Nine months later - back home I was, where I opened my home based spa - Bamboo Nails and Beauty and took over Beauty in a Box - Bridal makeup Consultancy.

I focus a lot on my Brides - every girl dreams of her big day. Since a little, she has her wedding day all panned out in her mind already. I try to get into that little mind and help her make those dreams into a reality Following in the tradition of the Kabul Beauty School, Oasis Rescue has developed a new, portable concept that has the potential to teach the art of hairdressing to even more women who live in post-conflict and disaster stricken areas.

The beauty industry provides economic security to millions of women and their families, and is considered by many cultures to be one of the most appropriate women-owned businesses. Oasis Rescue’s Beauty Shop in a BoxTM provides the instruments and tools necessary to start a small business anywhere, from homes to refugee camps.

By partnering with organizations in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and Mexico, Oasis Rescue is able to expand its reach to a greater number of women, without having to set up costly operations in each country. Participating organizations provide the necessary on-the-ground support for training and distribution of the boxes.

The Beauty Shop in a BoxTM includes such necessary items as several types of shears, brushes and combs, hair shaper, shampoo cape, spray bottle, steel and curl clips, coloring bowl and brush, foil, perm rods, rollers, hairdryer, curling iron, mannequin head and holder, manicure kit, make-up kit, mirror and gloves.

Project Update

Since the closing of the Kabul Beauty School in Afghanistan we have provided Beauty Shop in a BoxTM packages to women there and in other countries in the region.

Oasis Rescue has worked with International Humanities Center, an independent non-profit organization, to provide Beauty Shop in a BoxTM packages to Iraqi refugee women in Jordan. our donations fund the purchase of items for the Beauty Shop in a BoxTM packages aimed at helping socially and economically disadvantaged women begin a small home business to increase their stability. Building home salons offers women the opportunity to rebuild communities with other women with dignity. As we all well know, a salon is where women open their hearts to one another. Moreover, it can be a source of healing and solidarity in the free-fall of their lives.

Beauty and Home in a Box
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