Cooperatives thrive in times of crisis

During the covid 19 crisis, I have seen many businesses fall back , many never recovered and most entirely closed. This has been sad times , uncountable number of people lost jobs. After all these years and there is and was so many closed doors. Some businesses cut salaries to try and save on costs. But well, there is always one place I've known to be, that places you on the saver side. Crisis hits everyone and every business so hard and no one or business is exempted. But Cooperatives do good, with all the cooperative members working hard day and night to keep up with the struggling economy makes it worth while. their ability to withstand shock is fantamental. It is the strength built up by cooperatives during the good times that helps tide them over a recession. Cooperatives provide incentives to their members during times like this for crisis and many people around the globe are constantly joining cooperatives that will always thrive in times of crisis.
Cooperatives thrive in times of crisis
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