Covid 19 and business

Covid 19 and business

Covid 19 and business

When Covid 19 knocked on our door, no one knew who this visitor would be and how he would behave. Eventually we were sorry to open the door to a monster who took lives and turn the world upside down.

Businesses crumbled, politic folded, hospitals were crowded and scientists worked day and night to find a cure. Stranded between walls people found new ways for entertainment and waited days for new regulations. We were masked, and sanitized till we could not take it anymore. And still the process is going on and form wave after wave.

Poverty and panic took over as people could not work and generate money. And how unwelcome he was, he overstayed his visit for nearly a year. In the process many lives were taken. This is the very negative picture of Covid 19.

A lot can be learned from this.

1.  Always be prepared

2.  Make rules and obey it

3.  When you have authority, use it wisely.

4.  All lives are important, from the bottom to the top brass

5.  Be wise when you handle other people’s money

6.  Do not take anything for granted

7.  If you want to be happy 24/7, select a work that suit your need and where you enjoy going to work.

Let us be positive: What happens now?

Our condolences to those who lost loved ones, to those who became very sick, to those who lost everything. No one can really describe how they must feel and carry on in life. But this create opportunity!

Labour was always about give and take. One’s loss is another’s gain. When someone leave a post someone else must fill it. That is how life works

Those who can, create new work. Employ people and make money. It is available. The sky is the limit, we must start to think outside the box and become creative.

Possibilities are everywhere, open positions and new job creations are just a few possibilities. As they say: Carpe Diem!!!

Tony Mabille

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