Evoke the spirit of Oneness.

A Man who has always asked me for help called this morning, asking if I was at home.
I said "NO" (I lied). He asked if he could wait. Again I said "No", that he should go, I will call him when am back home.
"I don't have money today abeg" I murmured to myself after dropping the call.
As I stepped out of the house much later, I was shocked to see him asleep on the bench beside my house waiting for me.
I felt sad with a rush of guilt.I walked towards him, making up my mind to give him 2,000Naira out of the 3,000Naira cash I had with me.
He was so happy to see me when I tapped him awake.
"Are you just coming, I didn't know when i slept off"? He asked and I said yes. I had to lie again!
Before I could bring out the 2,000Naira; with so much excitement he brought out a sum of FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA (5,000Naira) and said to me:
"It is for you. You've been so kind to me during this lockdown. I know it's small for you but just buy anything you want with it." He said confidently.
I was so pleasantly dazed. God has again transformed another life!.Glory be to God almighty.
1) Many of those we see/treat as 'beggars' are probably more generous and much kinder than us the self acclaimed Philanthropists (who else will doze off while waiting to dash out Money; perhaps Global Digital Cooperative (GDC))
2) It is not every time people called, that they need your help; they can also call to bless you when God redirect their steps to a rewardingly promising community (GDC) and they're proud to share their testimony with you...!
Evoke the spirit of Oneness.
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