Fulvic Health Pty Ltd

Vitamin & supplements store in Benoni, South Africa, Fulvic Force - mineral nutritional and remedial value of ancient plant. Natures healing for many injuries and illnesses. Boost your immune system. Natures faithful healing compound, As the founder of Fulvic Health Pty Ltd, my quest is aimed at creating an environment for new and innovative world-class products for both animals and humans. As a result Fulvic Health Pty Ltd is able to supply tried and tested, unique, niche and exclusive Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid, HOCl and Essential Oil based products for both animals and humans..

My collaboration with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers brings you NEW, INNOVATIVE and authentic FIRST EVER products that are not readily available in retail outlets.

The aftermath of a severe car crash left me with many and ongoing health challenges which prompted me to do further research on what I believe is “ Natures own Miracle”, Fulvic Acid. Needless to say our Fulvic Excel was made and specifically formulated with my recovery in mind and has all the makings of an all in one product that has many functions.

Fulvic Health Pty Ltd
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