Assessing the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on societies, economies and vulnerable groups is fundamental to inform and tailor the responses of governments and partners to recover from the crisis and ensure that no one is left behind in this effort. We all know that our governments will not do much, so being a GDC Member has opened up a new window of opportunities, opportunities for all of us no exceptions.Cooperatives and social enterprises are recognized for their resilience to cyclical and structural economic changes and their capacity to contribute to local and regional economic development, including social inclusionGlobal Digital Cooperative (GDC) is an organization that belongs to its members, who at the same time are consumers who use the services that GDC offers.In an increasingly interconnected world, where technological innovations surprise us with their speed, we bring together different participants, each with their own goals and skills working and united as a whole.

People are at the heart of Co-op in all countries. Everyone is welcome here in GDC. We’re a different kind of business because we’re owned by our members. They share in our profits and have a say in how we’re run.

When you join us you become part of something amazing - giving back to local communities and funding ethical activities worldwide. With over 700,000 members we’re proud to be one of the world's largest independent co-operatives.

Join us today and start sharing the rewards.

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