Guide to healthy eating

The purpose of this article is to share practical strategies on how to eat healthy.
Building healthy eating habits means that you have to change your entire lifestyle and it is all about willpower and motivation.
1.Start to eat out of smaller plates , it will decrease your usual portion intake.
2. When you drink alcohol or very sweet soda , drink it out of tall slender glasses and minimize your intake per-day: It will help you to stop entirely and you will end up only drinking water.
3.Always keep healthy foods near you , like bowl of fruits in sight or even nuts in your purse so that , when you get hungry you wont look for the unhealthy foods.
4.Throw or give away all the unhealthy foods in your possession. Out of sight out of mind.

Guide to healthy eating
List of things you need to eat:
1. More greens
2. More water.
3. More RED meat
4. Cold drinks that contain NO SUGAR and that has LOW KJ's
5. NO WHITE BREAD - Only brown bread (Can even try the honey oats brown flavored bread)
6. Use NON-stick spray instead of oil.
7. If you want to use oil-Use OLIVE OIL only
8. Oven baked fish is okay as well
9. No white rice or Potatoes
10. No SUGAR - not even honey - NO CHOCOLATES
Just keep in mind that it is okay to have a cheat day- Just don't overdo it. A piece of cake once a week is okay , but that is it!
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