Hierarchy of actual sales – Marketing – Leads – Sales – Money in the bank

Hierarchy of actual sales – Marketing – Leads – Sales – Money in the bank

Anyone and everyone who ever owned a company or worked as the salesperson is fully aware of the pressure of bringing in new sales, to maintain existing clients and always looking for new clients.

And this is my take why marketing is always the neglected “Child” in most companies.

Most of us had this brilliant idea for a product or service, that we thought would make us millionaires, but due to lack of action, or guts, we remained on the safe ground building someone else’s empire. And yes, you are absolutely right: not everyone can be the entrepreneur or a millionaire, how boring our life would be then? Most of us never did anything about this brilliant idea that we had, hence marketing.

For me, marketing is nothing else, but going out there, into the bad world, and start spreading the news about the product or service that we have. For most start-up businesses it is the testing point if the market / the world is ready for the innovation to be accepted. Nowadays we are spoiled for choice. We have social media: Facebook nowadays is more of an advertising portal that keeping in touch with our friends, radio, television, print, all of those go through their ups and downs of being the fashionable and preferred media. But without MARKETING nobody would know about your brilliant idea.

Marketing for me is the start of sales, the lead generation tool, so why so many companies are so stingy on spending money on marketing?

There are so many free tools available to the average business to promote themselves. Free articles online or in the press, free advertising portal. The tools are there, but do you have the guts to use them?

I would like to encourage everyone to look more carefully into marketing your business in a more aggressive way, do not be shy. Use the GDC articles, use the MarketPlace , place the free ads, and give your business a bit more light.  

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