High internet traffic days are over

Days of high internet traffic are over

As the internet becomes part of our daily life, it has a great influence on marketing, sales, online visibility, but one thing is for sure: the days of high internet traffic to generate more sales are over, and here are some reasons why.

1.      People who are searching on internet to buy staff are cleverer then you think. Due to the fact that the searches are becoming more targeted and specialized when people are ready to purchase, e.g.: when people are looking for staff they would search : natural cancer treatment, when they ready to buy a product, because they know what they want, they would search for vitamin b17 in Johannesburg. The traffic going to the website “vitamin b17 in Johannesburg” will be about 5% of the “natural cancer treatment” but the sales over 50% success rate. This again will depend on your service and price competitiveness.

2.      They need to get the right information first time around. People are searching more accurately, so they want the accurate information, having a meta (key phrase) that has is wider might not always be to your benefit, as people will be disappointed with the quality of information that will be visible on your website.

You need to make a very conscious decision about your online visibility as sales and marketing and branding are no longer siblings but rather cousins, and each one requires different information and approach.

You might want to consider that most people are still using internet for their research purposes and still prefer to do physical in store purchases.

But the bottom line is clear: be very specific of your expectations before you invest into online strategy, while keeping in mind that your business cannot exist now days without online visibility.

High internet  traffic days are over
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