LTU Dyno

LTU Dyno. We specialise in Dyno tuning and diagnostics, general service, engine and clutch overhaul, gearbox, brakes, cambelt, differential repairs, starters and alternator repairs. We also do Aluminium welding. Years of experience in all of the above. Engine tuning is an adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine or its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is adjusted to yield optimal performance, to increase an engine's power output, economy, or durability. These goals may be mutually exclusive, and an engine may be detuned with respect to output (power) in exchange for better economy or longer engine life due to lessened stress on engine components. We at L-T-U Dyno dedicate ourselves to provide the best and fastest service in Automotive repairs.

 A well trained and dedicated team that is specialist in their area.


Our service Includes:


Dyno Tuning and Diagnostics

General Service

Engine and Clutch Overhaul

Gearbox, Brakes, Cambelt

Differential Repairs

Starter and Alternator Repairs

Aluminium Welding

LTU Dyno
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