Love Your Earth reusable eco bags

Help reduce our plastic bag carbon footprint by using our recycled and reusable fresh produce bags. Great when shopping for fruit & vegetables in the supermarkets or farmer markets.
Small and easy to carry, lightweight, breathable, washable, longlasting.  9 Harrier Circle, Imhoff's Gift Southern Peninsula, Kommetjie

Cape Town, of the Western Cape
South Africa 0837758297/ 0837784536

Find the perfect shopping solution to suit your grocery needs with our well-researched sustainable eco-friendly products. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and prints. We’re committed to eco-friendly practices across the board, so you’ll notice a distinct lack of plastic throughout our online store and packaging we ship your products in. Every piece in our entire eco bag range is biodegradable at the end of its life having been designed and manufactured from a combination of all-natural fibres.WE HAVE MADE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO SWITCH TO SUSTAINABLY CONSCIOUS HABITS THAT REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT AND PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS EARTH.

The entire Love Thy Earth eco bag range is uniquely handcrafted with love amongst the gum trees in a sunny corner of the Gold Coast’s hinterland. We strongly believe that together we have the power to create a more sustainable future. Get your Love Thy Earth reusables ready and reduce one-time use plastics today!

Love Your Earth reusable eco bags
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