My life story

Hi im Emily Mitton from South Africa,I was born in Brits,I was in school in Brits,then we moved to Krugersdorp,y dad was in spoornet my mother was housewife,I has two sisters and a brother,my mother had another child he died on 11 months,we were in monument high school in Krugersdorp, then we moved to Pretoria,my mother died age 45 of kidney failure,my dad was in the military and died a month before his pension date,when I EFT school I joined the South African Defense force in 1985,I started at the department that give the compulsary national servicemen permission to not do military service for various reason's, then I moved to voluntary service,selectionboard and appointment of Air force Army ,health service and Navy,I appointed thousands of people for South Africa Defense force from 1999 until 2018,I appointed Pilots,combat officers for the navy,Soldiers for the Army,but after 33 years I asked to go,I bought a house I didn't had a licence I did it and bought a car,today I'm at home.
My life story
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