Besides the annual license renewal, the ordinary person may not have much to do with NaTIS. However, vehicles also have to be registered and go through roadworthy at specific occasions, and Mass Distance Charges must be paid by heavy vehicles. Because most people don’t often have to go into the offices of the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS for short), we get a lot of questions about how their processes actually work. As our name suggests, we at Auto Help are all about helping. Read on to find out all you need to know about vehicle registrations and licensing in Namibia!

NaTIS itself is administered by the Namibian Roads Authority (NRA), which is a division of the Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT). The system covers the following procedures:

  • Motor vehicle licensing,
  • Motor vehicle registrations,
  • Applications and testing for, as well as issuing of learners and drivers licenses,

    Vehicle Registration and Licensing Procedure

    When buying a vehicle, you will need to register it on your name as the Title Holder. According to the Road Traffic and Transport Regulations 2001, Part 11, all motor vehicles need to be registered – regardless of whether the vehicle is to be used on a public road or not.

    The kind of vehicle you are registering will determine the requirements for registration.

  • Vehicle roadworthy inspections and certification and
  • Annual renewal of motor vehicle licenses.

Unlike renewing your vehicle’s license, roadworthy inspections only have to be done and passed by commercial vehicles, or before ownership of any vehicle can be transferred. Transferring ownership is just one of the many things done at NaTIS.

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