We offer excellent and professional competency&fire arm training in Boksburg&East Rand.We do renewal of licenses,motivations,applications&business section21 training for security companies.SAPS accreditation no:4000378,PFTC accreditation nr:071970003796. Total Quality Process (TQP): Learn Principles of Quality, TQP framework (“House of Quality”), Four Key Activities for managing quality. Understand the need for a culture change, starting at the top. Demonstrate a personal commitment to total quality. TQP implementation infrastructure, learn how to put the systems for TQP into motion. Identify ways to sustain TQP activities. Understand a manager’s role in quality improvement. The GAIN is designed to be a key piece of infrastructure in the substance abuse treatment and research fields which are characterized by a high turnover workforce, diverse needs and severity among clients, lack of use of data to guide clinical decisions, missing or biased data that needs to be incorporated into clinical interpretations, and a lack of infrastructure needed to support implementation and fidelity. The GAIN Logic Model shows how these issues are related. Meeting these needs can be only achieved when the instruments and tools are used appropriately. This requires balancing the rigid rules of standardized tests, which maximize reliability, with more flexible approaches used in clinical interviews, which maximize validity. Our model incorporates practice using and training others on the GAIN in your intended setting while receiving written feedback and support from our training team. This ensures you master administration and training skills to sustain quality use of the GAIN.
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