Quality T-Shirts Branded Clothing and Work Wear Pretoria

Become inspired as you discover statement collections in our latest corporate wear catalogue, delivered to your door. Our T-shirt transfer system uses the Uninet iColour laser printer.

The way this system works is as follows:

  1. The print is done on a special fabric transfer paper, and the laser toner sticks to the coating on the paper.

  2. The printed paper is applied to the fabric to be decorated & which is then placed into the heat press.

  3. The press heats the item & print to around 200C.

Once heated for a suitable amount of time, the print releases from the paper & sticks to the item.

This process is excellent for natural fibres such as cotton, but it not as durable as sublimation (but then again nothing is) and can also be used on pretty much any fabric which won’t melt with the heat (200C for up to 20 seconds). Even some leathers and synthetic leathers can be decorated with this process.

With the addition of hard surfaces paper, this printer can also decorate ceramics, metals, wood, glass, mirrors, diaries and so on, not only in full colour, but also in gold and silver.

With the addition of a mug press, it can also print mugs.

Logos and graphics are superb, but photographs whilst not as high definition as sublimation are still more than acceptable.

This printer can also be upgraded to print white, by purchasing a white toner cartridge. 


Quality T-Shirts Branded Clothing and Work Wear Pretoria
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