Reset Your Mind

'Living in a world of superficiality, it is quite easy to look at Gods Word as something we really do not necessarily need to pursue in understanding it in a deeper way.We have been guilty as a body, not to take change very much at heart. And in doing so, it seemed as if we could get things done “with the help of God” or just being forgiven, for the guilt we felt deep down in our soul, but really what does it matter? A quick prayer of forgiveness and we are good right? So slipping into superficiality we fail to see the reality of our fallen state.

We don’t pray, or just short prayers, and if we do pray long prayers we expect God to move right away on our behalf. Usually we don’t pray at home, we prefer to' 'pray in church corporately or on Facebook (where everyone can applaud or like us) We glorify in our self-made solutions and call it “God” even when deep in our heart we know that something is not right…. Looking back at our life we still see a trail of failure and bad habits we just can’t get rid of, but we call it “ the grace of God” on our lives, while in fact it is dishonoring God as ambassadors of His Kingdom. We curse people (God’s people) we dishonour leaders and leadership, we gossip about fellow churches and condemn them, we still refuse to forgive but smile when we encounter our fellow believers, but in our hearts despise them, or at least keep them at a distance.'

'It started with not realizing that living for Christ is a daily death experience. Sacrifices were brought daily in the temple and we have to come to that place, to be willing to die to our own idea’s, mindsets and paradigms….daily, or else we will not be able to be led by the Spirit, as we so often claim, but all too often for the wrong reasons.We don’t want other believers to think we are not spiritual (enough) so we try to overrule their arguments with answers like “ Yes but the Lord told me” or “ Do you think I cannot hear from God? ”  or “ I just do as God told' 'me to” such terrible remarks without blinking our eyes, and the worse thing about it is, we truly believe it ourselves. Anger, hate, strife, jealousy, bitterness, hard heartedness, unbelief, stubbornness, pride, lust, envy, unforgiveness, slander, conspiring, crime, backstabbing, dishonesty, lying, cheating, disloyalty…All hidden mindsets, with hidden agendas never exposed to death.

Reset Your Mind
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