Shamrocks Irish Pub & Restaurant

 (a Saint Patrick's kind of tale…)That he taught about a Shamrock,Over every hill and dale.It seems he used a sample tool, To explain the trinity – how it is “three in one” First there is the Father, Who created each and all…..

Then our sweet Saviour, Who will give salvation’s call! Las, we have the Holy Ghost, Our eternal “Friend…”And all three are connected at:From where our love is “stemmed” Shamrocks - Pretoria North is a well known Irish restaurant and pub where good friends meet for scrumptious food and drinks.Eat Drink And Be Irish, This is a great place to hang out with friend and for food and drinks. Ive been a regular customer for a year until last week Wedneday the 26th September in Ninapark where I was treated unfairly. Was insulted by another customer for singing during the karaoke nights. swore at me me while I was singing and even blocked his ears and made childish things. I complained to the manager and she she was later laughing with the same guy. When I later approached the manager for feedback she started screaming at me and said I took the matter into my own hands so I should leave her out of it. Wasn't even given a chance to explain myself. She walked away and banged her office door at my face. I have never been so upset. Eventually we left the place and we all agreed never to set foot there again. This place is white dominated and and I enjoyed the place because my music preference and the food. Never thought Id be treated like that and called by my skin colour by another customer. Do people like that still exist at this day and age?

Shamrocks Irish Pub & Restaurant
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