Sleek Afrik

Sleek Afrik is own by Ophelia Onibon a mother and a wife whose love for the African culture and fashion changed her path to African print fashion designing after having studied Business administration Marketing option in Central University Ghana, and Masters in Human Resources. The dream and passion of setting up African print clothing and accessories did not happen overnight for her as it took hard work, patience, perseverance, positivity and persistence to reach the dream.
Ophelia fought through this path and submitted business proposals to the Department of Trade and Industries in South Africa to be permitted to set up Sleek Afrik and she was flattered and excited when she she received the news of the positive recommendation of Sleek Afrik to be set up in South Africa. Ophelia loves working with women particularly single mothers and the handicapped and currently working on many fashion projects with groups of women in South Africa. Sleek Afrik was thus born out of the passion to promote the African culture and fashion in South Africa and all clothing and accessories manufactured are all proudly made in South Africa with 100% cotton African print fabric from the Vlisco group of companies. Our mission is simple but profound: we want to offer the best when it comes to African print designs and to promote the African culture in Southern Africa as well as globally. To achieve this, we will work with committed employees in a socially responsible environment to create the best quality African print designs and our designs will be offered at the best value across South Africa and globally with 100% African print fabric from the Vlisco Group. With all our clothes and accessories designed and made in South Africa, Sleek Afrik will help you make your style your biggest statement. Our vision is to promote the African culture by offering the highest quality designs and styles that will make our customers feel good, confident and culturally in vogue. Our designs have been exceptionally created and we want the clients who purchase our fabric, clothing and accessories to appreciate the sense of beauty and style that accompanies our brand.
Sleek Afrik
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