The Road of TERS
TERS has put us through several stages of system changes.

And more than less we came across "site not available" messages

On day 20 of lockdown yet another system was available to us to submit yet again our claims.
And all other submissions was dismissed.

We submitted, just to be declined, due to UI19 submissions that was not prossesed by Department of Labour.

I must admit, not one of us was ready for this sudden lockdown, but deffinately not Department of Labour.

But in the end they came through, it is a struggle.
And kind people in the department really went out and tried to help as best they could.

We still have a struggle ahead of us, but we believe that the Government will follow up on the theft and fraud of our hard earned Tax money, that was so misspent and misused.

And I do hope that the employees still waiting for payments can just be patient and please be kind to you employer.

Be safe

TERS UIF - When will lockdown end and when will we ever get passed this virus
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