During the Covid19 lock down we all have a bit more time, for deeper reflection, education, research, playing on social media or simply watching some TV.

My personal observation over the last 6 weeks is how people are drawing conclusions purely based on the end story. So let me set up the scene: we see how the police officer is being verbally abused by a woman sitting in a car. So this is where I am coming from: how come nobody cares what happened to get the woman raging mad?

I believe, most of the time, we tend to jump to conclusion without knowing the full story, so maybe we should be pay a bit more attention to why, instead of the it (the end result). The global lock down brought out the best and the worst in the humanity. We have seen the dedication of the health sector, and the greed of unscrupulous business practices. 

So what I learned during the lock down? Expand the horizon, look at the bigger picture, and keep my mouth shut a bit more often (yes, this is a real challenge for me).

But what did you learn over the last few weeks? What new things are you implementing in your business or in your life? 
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