The uncertainty of life .

The contemporary events occurring in almost every part of the world has placed a greater life full of uncertainties before all the inhabitants of the earth. No one knows what tomorrow holds or what will become of him or her in the nearest future.The economy of the world is gradually going down, many are loosing their jobs, households are suffering as this has led to the withdrawal of so many kids from school because the parents could not pay their school fees, and many are homeless because they cannot keep up with the high rate of house rents and municipal levies. Should we talk of the rates of death each day, which had left many families with nothing but tears and greater vacuum, as their only bread winner has been taken away by death, not just death at a ripe age but death at a very young age. death that can be referred as a sudden death. However life has taught us a very good lesson that life is not promised to anyone and that we need to do what we need to do and can do at the very time that we have on earth. It also taught us that family is the bedrock of every individual. without family, we will feel so bored and lonely on earth and life will loose its taste of fun. Let us use every opportunity that we have now and show love to our families by giving them whatever that we can .
The uncertainty of life .
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