Tourism and travel industry during the Covid 19 times

Tourism and travel industry during the Covid 19 times

All over the world the #tourism and #travel industry is experiencing some very serious setbacks. In my opinion they are left with relying on local clients only, and in our current financial times, travel, holidays is definitely one of the last items on our list how we are spending money.

Our market place could be just the solution to aid their sales.

So I am starting with some ideas for the accommodation, the bed and breakfast, lodges, hotels etc. I understand that almost all establishments have one range of accommodation (standard the cheap variety) and they have some accommodation of a higher standard , how about creating an UPGRADE code. They would offer payment with fiat money for the normal/standard accommodation, and the upgrade would be payable in Yellow Trading Coin #YTC. Me I would love this! Just imagine paying for a standard room and staying in a penthouse, LOVE IT ! Or how about that you could pay 50% for your accommodation with fiat money and 50% with #YTC, would not this be fantastic?

I will not be the first one to jump on this bandwagon, but I will help them to do the listing too .

Now the airlines. Yes still today there is still a ban on tourist travel from South Africa, but eventually this will ease too. So just imagine paying for an economy ticket and the upgrade to business class could be paid with Yellow Trading Coin #YTC? Who would not upgrade to business class?

Yes, it all sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

I believe that that MarketPlace is a truly mutually beneficial relationship.

For the advertiser:

·        Costs you nothing to list on marketplace

·        If you have empty rooms/seats , it is an opportunity to fill them, and people are always looking for great deals, especially in the “grudge” purchases

·        The advertiser gets paid in #YTC (Yellow Trading Coin) so it is like discount that the advertiser can use

·        The advertiser get access to global clientele list, our Global Digital Members

So it will cost you nothing, and you might make some sales, this sounds like a “no brainer” to me.

List today!

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