The Universal Esperanto Congress is an Esperanto event with more than 100 editions, it is in this event that hundreds of Esperantists gather in one country. For example in 2018 the country that hosted the 103rd Esperanto Congress was Portugal, where 1567 Esperantists from all over the world were present.
Congresses have been held annually since 1905, except during the First and Second World War. Until 1912, in Krakow, they were called "International Congress". From the following year, in Bern, the series was renamed "Universal Congress". UEA, the World Esperanto Association, has been organizing these congresses since the 1920s. Brazil hosted the event on two occasions: in 1981 (Brasília) and 2002 (Fortaleza).
The average number of participants in these annual congresses is around 2000 (since the Second World War, the number varies between 800 and 6000 people, depending on the location). The average number of countries represented there is around 60. Some specialized organizations also take advantage of the event to hold their annual meetings.
Despite the traditional name of "Congress", the series can be considered a great festival of international culture, because in addition to lectures and work meetings, it is an intense week of theatrical shows, music and presentation of local culture. They usually take place in the last week of July or the first week of August, starting and ending on a Saturday (for a total of 8 event days).
Postcard of the IV Congress held in Dresden, Germany in 1908

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