Yorke Accountants

We are a specialised team of practitioners, all experts in our core functions, enabling us to effectively manage our clients finance department. We are led by two Chartered Accountants with extensive experience in not only accounting & finance but also the world of business. We have experience providing all of the aforementioned services to clients in the following industries:
  • Industrial catering
  • Commercial property
  • Residential property
  • Remote site services
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Acorn Finance was founded in Namibia in 2005 and began by providing accounting services to a small group of companies. Over the past two decades we have grown to specialise in providing all core financial services to a group of large Namibian companies.

    Due to our extensive financial expertise our clients are able to completely eliminate the need for an in-house finance department by trusting Acorn Finance to handle all aspects from payroll to drafting financial statements and bookkeeping to management reporting.

    We believe in forming close business relationships with our clients and get deeply involved in understanding their businesses from all facets to allow us to go beyond exceptional service and actually create value in their businesses.

Yorke Accountants
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