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EASYSIM Controller Simulation

EcoStruxure Machine Expert - Safety includes the EASYSIM controller simulation which you can use to simulate the execution of the safety logic. The EASYSIM controller simulation is useful to test your applica­tion without being connected to the Safety Logic Controller, or when it is imperative to simulate a function test prior to commissioning of a real, live system.


The simulation of the safety-related application must not replace the proper function test using the Safety Logic Controller and safety-related I/O devices/sensors/actuators under any circumstances. The test using the EASYSIM simula­tion may only be performed in addition to the standard function test.

When working with the EASYSIM simulation instead of the Safety Logic Controller ...

  • If a Safety Logic Controller is connected, it will not be addressed while using the simulator. Device inputs will not be read and outputs will not be written.

  • You perform the same steps in EcoStruxure Machine Expert - Safety as you would if you were working with the real Safety Logic Controller, although you must ensure that the 'Simulate' icon on the toolbar is pressed (see graphic below). This means that you can force variables or display online values in the code editor as usual.

    The simulation continues to run in the background, with the symbol visible in the notification field of the taskbar (system tray, also referred to as the systray). Depending on the EASYSIM implemen­tation, the simulation may also be minimized in the Windows taskbar instead as icon in the systray.

  • You can configure EASYSIM for the application by filtering I/Os.

  • You can 'activate' inputs in the simulation directly  and monitor the effects on outputs.

  • You can simulate the temporal sequences of the machine/system.

How to...

 How to start the simulation and download a project

 How to exit the simulation mode

 How to exit the EASYSIM simulation software

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