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Discipline is action or inaction that is regulated to be in accordance with a particular system of governance. Discipline is commonly applied to regulating human and animal behavior to its society or environment it belongs. Wikipedia

There is a lot of commentary about discipline and each one has its value, even if it is different from the others. So, to get the full picture we need to take it apart and see what it says to us.

First, we must find discipline in our daily lives. When I stand up to go to work every morning the same time and be punctual at work, we call it discipline. When my wife put food on the table every afternoon at 6 it is called discipline. When my senior gives me an assignment to do, and I do it and hand it in on time it is discipline. When I give someone an order and they obey it is discipline.

It is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior or even some standards to obey. It is also the quality of being able to behave, working in a controlled way obeying rules and regulations.

Discipline is also creating a conscious attitude against our workplace training mind and body to do what we must do. It stimulates mind and body to focus on our goals and perspectives and regulate our emotions to work against depression and anxiety, in other words, maintain peace and order in our environment.

What does disciplined people stand out for?

They are committed people that take up a task and finish it. They stick to their rules and obey the orders given to fulfil what they were asked

Disciplined people avoid temptations. They will obey rules and would not put themselves in a weak spot of doing wrong or commit something they should not. They will avoid anything that will jeopardize their skill or work output in order to stay above average.

These people take care of themselves. They use all resources available to fulfil their task and even create what is necessary to finish the task.

They have the ability to create good habits and develop it to the full to maintain a winning streak. Nothing will come in between them; they stay determent to their task.

In order to maintain this, they will set boundaries to guide them to their goal. This involves a good routine to follow and a clear goal to set. They will not let their mood dictate them but will stay mindful of their goal to achieve the maximum.

{The most successful people in life are disciplined. Scott Peck in his book The Road Less Travelled says that “without discipline we can solve nothing.” Succeeding is so difficult for many people because life can be frustrating. Frustration can provoke many to give up too soon. (11Oct 2018}

Without discipline people cannot fly a plane, or drive a bus or car, or use a computer, or do good on the trading platform. It does not only require skills but also discipline and set rules that must be obeyed.

I hope this will help someone in their work or even marriage to start setting rules, obey them and be fulfilled in life.

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